Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Minor Disaster

So as you all know I've been away from "This is a Disaster" from some time now due to the baby and work and general life busy-ness. I was trying to get a post done as a holiday treat for you wonderful people but right as I was getting going on some photoshopperies a client had work for me on a last minute holiday video card... so paychecks call and I answer.

BUT, I did get one Photoshopperie almost done which I'll toss here for you as a little gift. In response to the article on Book Cover's Being Ashamed of their Sci-Fi-ness.

"This is not a new trend... they've been ashamed for years."


Friday, December 18, 2009


With my KICKS!!!!

Sweet Star Wars/Adidas line. More info, pics and merch at Kid Robot Kronikle & Star Wars Site.

the Luke Skywalker ones are my fave, cause I'm a sucker for orange and have always loved his flight suit.

Monday, December 14, 2009

LA PHIL Penguins

So last year in conjunction with YYES I produced an online holiday card for the LA Philharmonic. They asked me to help them again this year and I think we really knocked it out of the park. I managed to get all of this done in a little over a week and a half. I'm really rather happy with the backgrounds that I put together for it, but I can't ignore the cuteness of the daughter penguin. I'm thinking it would be a terrific merchandising opportunity for the LA PHIL wink wink. haha anyways here is the link to the LA PHIL page...

and if you want to see it in the full HD glory visit my Vimeo page and go full screen.

I may put up a couple more backgrounds soon just for the hell of it so you all can see them isolated. But fornow... enjoy


Sunday, November 15, 2009


I don't know if anyone has told you... but American car companies aren't doing so hot. So when you have a car that people may actually both want to, and be able to buy... LET THEM SIT IN IT AT THE AUTO SHOW!!!! And if you don't, then don't be surprised when your section is a ghost town and Chevy has everyone and their mother sitting in Bumblebee (for the record the Autobot Package is only like 300 more dollars... I'd do it even though I'd regret it later) and ogling the Stingray.

Garrison Dean

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm happily entrenched in Borderlands with whatever time I can scrape together for games, but I'm hoping that Santa brings me Modern Warfare 2. And if he doesn't then I'll be my own Santa because I loved the knives in MW1 and you couldn't throw them then.


(via Kotaku)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last night I found the Bottom of the Barrel

Being too cheap/poor to pay for movie channels on our cable I often troll through the Free HD Movies section in our OnDemand. So last night as there was nothing on and all I really wanted to do was play Borderlands but that would bore the wife. [side note: still at the beginning but Borderlands is a lot of fun already] So we checked out all the new flicks in OnDemand. There is a bunch of horror stuff which I'll get to at some point like Hostel 2. Didn't really like Hostel 1, but I do love boobs... sooooo anyways... One of the movies was called The Order of the Black Eagle and was described as such: Hitler is still alive and a British Spy is tasked with traveling to South America to stop Neo Nazi organization from helping is rise.

Now, if I were the space between two buildings that connects major streets a movie like that would be right up me. It's tough to fuck up a Hitler is still alive story so I was curious how I'd never heard of this. The movie was via the Impact channel which always prefaces it's films ratings with goofy fake ratinigs. This had Kn: for Killing Nazis Cg: for cool gadgets (or something) and then there was Ms: for Monkey Sidekick... I thought they were kidding. They weren't.

The film is basically some Michael Bolton look-alike running around poorly mic'd rooms with his Baboon sidekick who's main talent is giving people the "Hey, up yours!" fist gesture. I can only assume they couldn't afford to train him to raise his middle finger. I'm not even mentioning the horrible effects, sets, acting, stereotypical Arab dude, Bad guy who is not Orson Welles, the fact that it was produced by "Polo Players LTD" and the fact that I only made it to the 22 min mark before I gave up. Yeah.. me I gave up, thats how bad it was. Don't believe me? Here is a screen shot I grabbed.

Unbeliveable. How this gets transfered to HD for OnDemand (seriously.. I don't think it was ever released on DVD) and I still can't get Star Wars on Blu-ray is a crying shame.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

C'est chouette

Pretty amazing stuff getting worked out here, that I will for sure study and make use of in some way. And of course anything Serge related gets my love. I guess this is related to that French biopic coming out about him that I really really hope gets at the least a limited release here.

(via World of Kane)


Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thanks to a new baby, and a grandma staying with us to help, I get to watch way more Today Show than I should. And when they turn their Halloween show into a giant Star Wars tribute I perk up. And oh man was it worth it to watch as much as I could.

From a youth to today, I've always stood by the Ewoks. Even when cynical film fans, series fans, and Gen Xers said they were lame, I said they were awesome... here is final proof. Watch this whole segment dissolve before this poor Martha Stewart wannabe's eyes as her furry mischievous friends drink, showboat, fight and moonwalk and ultimately steal the show... and your heart. awwweee.

The whole thing is great, but it really hits when drunk pissed off Wicket rolls in around the 2:00 min mark.

oh, and Natalie Morales is a piece as Padme. And I'm pretty sure she's a Star Wars fan as this is what she wore last year, while on Maternity Leave no less!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I still try and pick out shapes from clouds so yesterday as I left my apartment I looked up and saw this doozy.

If this isn't a Simpsons Character, I don't know what is. Initially I leaned towards Homer, but it may be more Grandpa, or perhaps one more obscure... Discuss.

Seriously, no Photoshopperie going on here. Somehow the light from the sun just hit those two little cloud bursts. It's iPhone, so otherwise I would've zoomed, but click on it for it a bit bigger.


Not rare, just good.

I'm posting this not because you've never heard of Air, but probably because if you're like me your interest was at a point where unless someone told you to give it a listen, you probably wouldn't. So here is your notification.

I'm a sucker for almost all things French when it comes to music, as you'll find out if you keep reading. 10 years ago Air's Moon Safari came out and grabbed me hook line and sinker. I enjoyed some of the ambient/"chill" stuff that was coming out. Living in DC at the time we were flush with the 18th St Lounge Music but too often it was boring and way too clean, too digital (I hesitate to say electronic because there are few things I love more than some straight Synth stuff). Moon Safari was more organic, more natural. And, it drew from the past without sounding "retro".

They continued to release albums, some better than others. Some held me for repeated listenings for a while, others seemed like dull exercises in knob twiddling, but I still remained interested.

Now they have a new album out and it feels good. Love 2, is a return to form though not a rehash of the old sound. It sounds like they've taken what they've learned from their exercises in electronics and combined it with a decades worth of experience and further learning. So for you I'll cheat... here's the best song off the album. Called Tropical Disease it sounds like it could be the Theme song for the movie "Emmanuelle in Space", a movie that doesn't exist, though I'm sorely tempted to make it now that I've thought of it. EDIT: um.. apparently there is a whole series of "Emmanuelle in Space"... go figure. That said, I doubt it swings with the proper vibe this would bring. Yeah... Looks like I'm right.

Air: Tropical Disease

While no Moon Safari, the rest of the album is quite good as well.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saskia - 10.12.09

The little one is here. She's terrific. More later.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Over on io9, commenter Gods-n-Clods kindly gave me the title of "Coolest Person in the Internet" something that I really take to heart. Though I was shocked to learn that it wasn't just my massive body of incredible work that caught me on his radar, but rather a while ago when I suggested some music that he then got really into. This made me really happy.

I love music. I have a shit ton of LP's and thousands of mp3's. I still have a handful of CD's that I just love and won't (or can't) get rid of, but at this point I don't see why you'd buy new one. Regardless, I feel that I have excellent taste in music, but I know that this is a feeling shared by almost anyone who listens to music so I don't pay it much mind. I am happy when my tastes are confirmed by outside sources like Gods-n-Clods, and the new army of Incredible Bongo Band fans that are out there after the 2012:Disaster trailer. I have no interest in this becoming a music blog, but I figure every so often I'll pass along some things I really love. Beginning today.

I do want to let you know that

A: I don't really do too much mainstream stuff, but I loathe Indie Rock.
B: I don't do "ironic". If I'm listening to something it's because I really like it and think it is worthwhile. I spent enough time in High School and college listening to things I thought were cute in order to get attention and look cool.

This brings me to my first recommendation. Montée. There are plenty of bands out there riding the new 80's synth rebirth, but too many of them seem content with doing it with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks as they hold a copy of Vice magazine for reference to the now. Personally, I want people who are going to take the work spearheaded by people like Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder and to a certain extent Toto, and filter it through a couple decades worth of musical advancement, not just copy a Casio Sound. Montée nails this on their album "Isle of Now". Of course they aren't American, they're Norwegian which means even if they are kidding, you can't tell.
From what I can cobble together from the limited info on the web they are a sort of Hardcore/punk/Industrial/Experimental/who knows supergroup that decided to make an album that makes a big shift from all those sounds. I could go into trying to describe what it sounds like but I'd probably fall flat. Is Epic Soft Rock a genre?

Let me put it this way. It's 5 years after the apocalypse, you and your lover have survived the cataclysm, the marauders, starvation and now are two of the few people left on earth. As you travel in your convertible through deserts, or on a sailboat through the silent waters of the planet are you going to only listen to "Kill 'em All". Nah, you'll need this album.

SONGS-(let me know if you will actually listen to these here or if in the future I should just file link you to a couple of tracks)




Monday, October 05, 2009


Well done you guys. For a moment I thought I was going to have to declare it opposite day and say what we all knew...That "Transformers: Revenge (or is it Rise? who gives a shit) of the Fallen" Was the greatest thing to come out in a long while. But then... like a hail Mary pass you guys swooped in (or is it Swoped in? swept?) and declared the Battlestar Galactica Finale the biggest disaster of the last few months!!! Woo Hoo!

I'm very proud of you all. See the results here on io9 in case you think I'm lying just to make sure TF didn't lose/win.


p.s. the pic above is a super big image from a Season 1 (or even maybe miniseries) press packet I got a long time ago so click on it and then save it for your wallpaper cause I know we all love Pre-whiney angel Starbuck.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Revenant Trailer

One of my best friends, Chris, shot a movie a little while ago that I was excited because it was a genre pic and I figured at best it would wind up on SyFy. It's actually getting some buzz and is supposed to be rather good. The trailer really gets me excited for it in a "I'd see this even if it wasn't my friend" kind of way. Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for it showing near you!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So over at Comic Book Resources via io9 someone posted the menu from one of my all time favorite restaurants MARVEL MANIA. It was like Planet Hollywood or The Hard Rock Cafe, except that all their memorabilia was fictional and had to be made by a prop house. "Oh, you have Keith Richard's guitar? That's cool. WE HAVE THE FUCKING INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!"

Since I recently just bought a new scanner and dug out an old photo box I figure I'd share the scant memories I have from my one visit to the restaurant. As you can see we geared our interests in a specific direction.

PLATE: What a great logo.

SHOT GLASS: Thank god Marvel's heroes are in the real world otherwise I'd have to start calling my Manhattans Metropolises.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not all I do is 1s and 0s

So as you may or may not know I am coming into the homestretch of expecting a little girl. We already have all the furniture we need and the wife picked a color scheme of Pink/Fuscia and Black. She got some wonderful wall decals for one wall.
But, that was just one wall so we need to cover others, so the wife asked if I could contribute some artwork for our daughters room. I worked within the color range (for the most part though it's a bit more purple than pink) and came up with this cuddly little beast. I'll probably still tweak it, put a shadow underneath the critter and fix a couple little things but it's pretty much done. I'll also take a better photo once I find my camera charger, this is the iPhone but thought I'd share.


So, also yesterday we picked up a couple little items. Down the street from us here is a Consignment furniture shop. It's called Consign Design, but that is not an invitation for you to go gank all the cool stuff I am now gonna look for. We have literally driven past it every day for the past 2 1/2 years and never gone in because most of the stuff we can see from the window is antiques, 80's contemporary etc... Not really my style and occasionally no style at all. But earlier this week they put a 60's orange lamp in the window so I figured I'd stop by and see how much it was. $250... way too much for me right now, but looking around the store I saw a couple other things and came back yesterday with the special lady, did some haggling with the very friendly salesman there, (thanks John) and walked away with this painting as well as 2 (original as I just discovered) cushion-less Burke chairs. All for a very respectable price. My only concern now is this... Who is the artist of this beaut'? And what do we name her, or do we just stick with calling her "Spanish Lady"? [again, iPhone pic, WHERE'S MY DAMN CHARGER!!! I've got a baby to take photos of soon!!!]


Monday, September 14, 2009

More Music

Ok, while I do like the work of my friend Anduze (find him at iTunes or CD Now), I have to admit I spent the better part of the weekend listening to this. The full album, which found its way to me via an industry friend, is just as awesome as the first.
I'm so happy that Brendon Small bothers to make real music to accompany his fake band. So often "parody work" winds up resting on its humor or the fact that it exists at all. No one would put the work of the Rutles or Cb4 against their real life counterparts. Even Spinal Tap, while amazing, still can be heard singing with their tounges in their cheeks. Dethklok could be put up against any band out there and probably come out swinging.


Support this man!

If you're a fan of smooth soul, new soul, old soul, slick vocals, or just good music for f*%&'n check out this new release by a friend of mine, Anduze. It's a soulful examination of love lost, well not so much lost but given away. "Speak Now" is particulary catchy.

Oh, I also did the album art. so, you know, make me look good.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Text Illustrations

Been playing with some very lo-res sketches of text illustrations, just to work on the process for it. The Cloud City needs a lot of work but I like where it is going I just don't know if I'm going to take it there. I'd need to see if I can make these sorts of things move in AE.


Monday, August 24, 2009

HALO what?

Well, I finally saw "District 9" last night. Amazing. A few years ago I came across "Alive in Joburg" online and fell in love with it. There was a stroke of brilliance in it that I hoped would one day translate to a full film by that director. I never could have expected that it would be a feature length version of Joburg. For the past 30 years every genre film has basically tried to be Star Wars or Alien/s, I'm so happy to see someone develop a new aesthetic for other people to rip off for a while.

I'm also glad that we are moving past Music Video directors getting feature films and back to commercial directors. People like Blomkamp and Kosinski (Tron 2) who have actually had to tell some form of story in their previous work for hire rather than just make it look good (which they also accomplish). I feel I have been burned far too many times by the "it" music video directors who have made some of my favorite videos coming to feature films and making aimless, pointlessly depressing, and ultimately plotless character studies about hipster assholes, that never lived up to the visual potential introduced by their previous work. You guys all know who you are.

In any case, I was excited when I heard that Blomkamp was going to do Halo. I've never played Halo, but the guy visually had the chops. I'm insanely glad that it fell through because, and again I only know the broadstrokes of the story, I doubt Halo would've allowed for as personal and well fleshed out story as D9. BUT! As I was watching D9 unfold one video game lept to mind that I would love to see him do, and it ain't Halo. It was all solidified when Wickus picked up a pig with what I could only describe as a Gravity Gun and send it flying into a soldier, that I could loosely describe as a Combine. Let's get this guy on Half Life, pronto. Forget Halo. And I imagine it would look a little bit like the image above. (edit: yeah, I did it, you can see a little GD in the corner, thats me!!! :) And here is the original if you are curious...


Sunday, August 16, 2009

COMIC-CON Part Deux: The Stills

While I was handling the video, my special lady was wandering around with the still camera and she did alright. Here is the album. Normally I would edit these more, but whatever.



Got this done! Alright! Hope you enjoy it.

As usual click through the link for the HD version.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beyond Typecast/Truth in Advertising

For those with time on their hands and a keen eye for observation, movie descriptions on your digital cable and OnDemand menus are a source for great amusement. I was flipping through the menus last night and came across this and snapped it for you.

I'm sure that Nancy Allen would be proud to be "the chick from Robocop". And no, I haven't watched this... yet.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP John Hughes

Normally the death of celebs and artists don't have too heavy of an impact on me, even those that I like or even love. But everyonce in a while someone does really hit me, especially when it is a surprise. Today we lost John Hughes, a man responsible for endless hours of entertainment through repeated viewings of his films throughout my youth on afternoons and sleepovers. From Aunt Edna to "Bueller..." to "Those AREN'T PILLOWS!!!" he really helped to shape a decade and a generation of people.

The man became his own genre, something very few are able to achieve. What else can I say beyond watch anything he touched.

The video below, a recent song by M83, would've remained an homage for sometime, but now becomes a tribute.


Friday, July 31, 2009


When I finally do have a house, I will do something awesome like this to one of the rooms. Check out this site devoted to one person's fascination with molded plastic and the future that we never achieved thanks to things like cherry wood & stainless steel appliance kitchens, wrought iron accents, and the general public's lack of inspiration.

I've tried this before on a much smaller scale in various apartments, (I even used to have the same bed, thank you mrs dean for making me get rid of it) and have a small collection of funky white furniture but never anything close to this extent. Great job on this house, whoever you are. The one piece dining table is remarkable.

Though if I could critique... and I can, it's the interent. They have to make sure they keep the collecting in check, it's a fine like between amazing collection in your house and it looking like a store.

Well done Space Man!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Had a grea time at Comic-Con, working on the video now, but man am I pissed that I missed out on Flynn's arcade. This thing they do where they put attractions outside of the Convention Center... grrrr. oh well. The good news is that finally they've released the test footage from last year online and man is it bad ass.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TRON Reboot.

As you may or may not know I am an unapologetic fan of Tron. I understand why people may not like it, I'm just not one of them. Not only that, but as a fan of the shorts/ads of Joseph Kosinsky and a huuuuge fan of Daft Punk, I'm wicked excited for the TR2N 2.2 & 2/2nds (or whatever they're calling it this week).

But until then, this project by Ben Hansford more than wets my whistle for new Tron. Not only is it graphically pitch perfect, but its tone and references are so on point that I'm guessing Ben must be a fan. If not, then the MCP tips his cylinder to your clever skewering.



As a personal note, my work on Boom Kat was more than a little inspired by Tron.

Monday, July 13, 2009


This is an old one, but I was reminded of it today so figured I'd post it. I knew there was something good about Seattle when I moved here and saw this ad actually running on local TV. Where else do Storm Troopers make cameos in Auto Insurance Ads?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I'll preface this by saying that when you are married to a European one of the biggest cultural differences is music. Every so often my special lady will bring up some song that was a signifigant moment in her upbringing, something that was a huge hit in her native Holland, something that I have never heard before. For me Alphaville was a distant memory that I guess gets played at weddings occasionally. For her they were a chart topping powerhouse. I will admittedly chalk some of my ignorance up to the fact that outside of really big pop artists I only listened to the oldies that my parents played, old soul, Beatles, Beach Boys etc... and then slammed head first into Heavy Metal with "Appetite" and a smattering of hip hop and rap with NWA and Black Sheep.

So last night as we were breezing through the MJ memorial and Jermaine Jackson got up to sing Sabine said
"Remember him and Pia Zadora?"
"I loved that song!!!"
"WHAT?! The girl from Naked Gun 3?"
"He and her did these songs together, one was huge!!!"

Apparently in Holland it was, here, notsomuch. In any case we looked it up online and I have to say I'm loving this song right now. With all the time I've spent being addicted to the synth revolution, primarily the Valerie (go grab it all) stuff this is right up my alley.
And the video is awesome. You know how the Italians ripped off and made their own shitty yet awesome versions of Escape from NY, The Warriors, and Star Wars? This is their rip off of Beat It, complete with white leather Mad Max warriors. Will this be to your liking? Probably not, I have weird taste, but whatever... Here it is.

Oh yeah and apparently it's from a film called "Voyage of the Rock Aliens". Which I have also sadly never heard of before today. That's why that poster is up there.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

2012: IT'S A DISASTER!!!

Put this together for this week's Disaster. Don't normally cross post but what the hell, I really like this one.

2012: THIS IS A DISASTER from Garrison Dean on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


It's no secret that I adore the works of Michael Bay. I don't like them in an ironic way, I just flat out love them. Well all of them except for Pearl Harbor where I felt that his talents managed to turn a tragedy into an adventure which was somewhat offensive. HOWEVER! All other times he is bang on! No one makes films like his, and very few actually try.
I'm sure some would love to debate me on his talent but whenever I do discuss it it becomes a two sided exercise in circular argument and pointless quibbling.

"How can you like his movies?! They're just nothing but explosions, camera moves, flashy colors, boobs, and car chases!?"

"Because they're nothing but explosions, camera moves, flashy colors, boobs, and car chases."

So to honor the man in the only way I know how (and to fill some space on io9) I have created this little work of art that I titled "Deliver Us Some Awesome". And if you are here from io9, then welcome... here are your Wallpaper Sizes.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sketchbook Stuff

I really need to buy a new scanner and remember to return the one I have to my friend. In any case, while I have it I'll keep scanning in sketches and drawings.

This first one was a quickie sketch I did of a building on 15th across from the Helix bridge while waiting for the wife. It's the sketch and then a little color test with it.

The next one is "Intervention" sketches. The woman and I have gotten hooked on this show and have what we call "ding ding" monday when they show two in a row. We call it "Ding Ding" because whenever they go back and examine the person's life history they always hit the Ding Ding moment. "Everything was fine, he was a beautiful kid, and then..." Divorce, abuse, drug abuse on the parent's part, mom dies... there is always something and we always have to shout out DING DING! as the alarm reminding us that it is rarely a mystery how they got to this point.

But there is a ton of real drama in it which leads to people with a lot of character on their faces so I've begun sketching them while I watch.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Muckin with the iPhone

Still playing around with the iPhone Brushes app. Did this in the car while waiting as the wife ran in to do something at work. Happy enough with it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Just did this

This is for a friend's project, but I kind of like it. It's cute. It was a rush job and maybe I'll clean up the lines, but for now, enjoy.


JOIN ROACH Teaser Trailer from Garrison Dean on Vimeo.

Not like anyone actually reads this blog over that, but whatever... Check out this new (whereever did it come from?!) organization dedicated to Supervillainy!! If I can I'll try and get an interview with their shadowy leader, The Potentate.

www.joinroach.blogspot.com (for constant updates)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


About a month and a half ago a good friend of mine came to me wondering if I could help him finish a music video he had started for a new artist. He had shot it, edited it, and it needed graphics. So I took the ball and really rolled with it. After a couple revisions it's now done and in a form that I am proud to show off to all of you. Adam, job well done. This is "Boom Kat" by KG

BOOM KAT from Adam Forstadt on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Lost Theory

Alright, I figure I better put this down in some form of "official" status so you all can get where I'm coming from. This is a very abbreviated version but my theory goes as such.

The island is effectively the land of the gods. It is a place that is possibly the source of their power and that is something that Science, wants to harness. Science may have come in the form of the Dharma Initiative and the Hanso Foundation which seemed to do things on the island in an experimental fashion to control in a scientific way the things that gods in their omnipotence take for granted as in teleportation, time travel, immortality etc etc. I have felt that our main group of people were people who hadn't known they were gods but were being summoned back to the island to possibly defend it from another onslaught of Science, or potentially new gods.

Much of this came from similarities to Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods. I suggest picking that up if you haven't read it. It deals with the concept of gods as tangible beings who's strength and existence depends on the level people believe in them, like Tinkerbell or Candyman. They also don't always realize who they are, weird things happen, certain people of power guide them in mysterious ways, and they often don't die. So much like Lost that I am shocked that it hasn't wound up on their "someone on the show is reading it because it means something, or we just plain like it list" which I attribute to it being too much of a clue. Or I'm just arrogant and looking too much into it.

So I came up with this theory a couple of seasons ago and as things roll on it makes more and more sense. For starters, these people clearly don't die or age. Claire was a big one as well. You think that after vanishing, losing her child, then winding up in a shack with her dead dad who she never really met would have her pretty freaked out, but it seems that she was pretty comfortable and at home almost as if some sense of purpose had been re instilled in her.

Then this season I was watching and had my Richard Alpert/R.A./ Ra flash. I realized that the eyeliner man that I had figured may have been an Egyptian god was clearly like, the Egyptian god Ra. Could Horace Goodspeed be Horus? What about the Black Woman who drugged Michael and also was a nun in Eko's childhood?

I am also wondering if Eloise is "God" and Widmore is "Satan" and they are battling for control over the old gods who now inhabit the island. But not totally sold on that one yet.

I realize at this point I'm beginning to sound like some nut with a manifesto, but I just wanted to throw it out there for you all.