Friday, July 31, 2009


When I finally do have a house, I will do something awesome like this to one of the rooms. Check out this site devoted to one person's fascination with molded plastic and the future that we never achieved thanks to things like cherry wood & stainless steel appliance kitchens, wrought iron accents, and the general public's lack of inspiration.

I've tried this before on a much smaller scale in various apartments, (I even used to have the same bed, thank you mrs dean for making me get rid of it) and have a small collection of funky white furniture but never anything close to this extent. Great job on this house, whoever you are. The one piece dining table is remarkable.

Though if I could critique... and I can, it's the interent. They have to make sure they keep the collecting in check, it's a fine like between amazing collection in your house and it looking like a store.

Well done Space Man!!

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