Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music pt. 2

For all the love I just gave to Andrew W.K. I'd be remiss if I left out the other brilliant music from the trailer. It is "Refused" off their classic album "The Shape of Punk to Come".

Kids today must feel that partying hard and being awesome is a detriment.

By now I'm hoping you all have seen my Expendables trailer, but in case you haven't here ya go!

It's really getting a terrific response, and I thank you all.  There is one thing that worries me.  I'm worried that I will need to develop a 2nd call to arms.  One to rally people together to go save a bunch of men out there.

You see, I think there is a small, but vocal portion of society trapped in a disturbing parallel universe.  A place where Andrew W.K. is considered (but not limited to): girly, not manly, emo, faggy, not hard enough, teen punky... shall I go on?  This must be a truly disturbing place indeed, as in our universe Andrew W.K. is clearly a pillar of awesomeness and honorable manliness. (read more)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Firefly Intro

Just a little something I created for io9.com.  Turned out rather well I think.

the io9 link as well, which explains why this HAD TO BE DONE!!!


When was the last time you were that excited?

I don't normally put stuff of the critter (or myself for that matter) up on the blog, but had to here.  This is the fam at the Zoo and the look on my little lady's face when she sees a giraffe looking at her from about 10 feet away.  And no, she's not crying, she's just that damned happy.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sometimes you need a little (ok, a lot of) melodrama in your music.

HURTS - Wonderful Life

I really can't get enough of this EP, can't wait for the LP.
 Basically if Joy Division, George Michael, Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams, the Pet Shop Boys, and Klaus Nomi all gang banged Kate Bush, this is the child they would've had.  Basically, however you think the duo above would sound based on that photo... is pretty much how they sound.  Pretentious? A bit... but they're from Manchester so what do you expect?

The below is one of the "big sounds" songs.
HURTS - Silver Lining

Video... a more "dancy" song than the others, but still terrific.  Download the song free from their site.