Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kids today must feel that partying hard and being awesome is a detriment.

By now I'm hoping you all have seen my Expendables trailer, but in case you haven't here ya go!

It's really getting a terrific response, and I thank you all.  There is one thing that worries me.  I'm worried that I will need to develop a 2nd call to arms.  One to rally people together to go save a bunch of men out there.

You see, I think there is a small, but vocal portion of society trapped in a disturbing parallel universe.  A place where Andrew W.K. is considered (but not limited to): girly, not manly, emo, faggy, not hard enough, teen punky... shall I go on?  This must be a truly disturbing place indeed, as in our universe Andrew W.K. is clearly a pillar of awesomeness and honorable manliness. (read more)

Evidence?  Exhibit A:  Never Let Down.  Initially I wanted to use this song because it's just so goddamned epic, but I Get Wet just got to the punch (and a harder punch at that) quicker.  But hey, I'm sure there will be other trailers (or maybe someday someone will let me make an actual film) and if they can use George Thorogood or Lux Aeterna (it is a terrific bit of music)  in every trailer why can't I try and throw A.W.K. a bone.


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