Tuesday, June 19, 2007

god, who will I vote for this November!?! wait, next November? Seriously? that far off? Fuucck

Oh thats so cute that they had the time to do that. She's really touching on the issues that matter, you know like what crap song she's going to pick, and what the country thought about how the Sopranos ended (poorly). Thank god she doesn't have to deal with a war, or corruption, of healthcare, or racism, or equal rights, or genocide in foreign countries, so that she can show us that she is just like us because she can post videos on the internet. Good move, I now can take her just as seriously as I do guys who drop Mentos into soda bottles, or guys who dry hump furniture.
Do people actually fall for this shit? I mean really... is generation X, Y, and i, so gullible that they fall for political internet chicanery like this or 70 year old men having myspace pages? I'll tell you one thing if Ron Paul wasn't a politcial candidate he could very well expect a visit from Chris Hansen.

Sorry Hilary, we love Bill but thats where it ends.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Episode IV: you know the rest

Haha back to jail. I created that card above if you want to send her your love.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thing # 36 that I don't miss about LA

Yes, they let Paris Hilton out. Apparently because she was ill. See Charles Manson? All those fuckin parole hearings and you never thought to develop a cough. I pray this dumb vapid walking staph infection gets drunk, hops into her Bently and plows through a middle school cross walk, just so someone, anyone, can learn about cause and effect. I don't think people realize what an inspiration this woman is for little girls. ahhhh, sigh... maybe I'll update more, but I'm sure I'd just be writing what you're thinking anyways.

This is a response I posted somewhere to someone making a comment saying that -
"How many people died in Bagdhad yesterday? Do you people really want to riot over Paris Hilton? Gawd, get a life. Just sayin...."

-It pisses me off because this is as much a product of our culture of lack of culpability as the war in Iraq. The past few years we have developed a society where flaunting money, criminal and unethical behavior, and a general lack of respect for anyone you consider less than yourself, has become not only accepted but praised. Most of us here saw someone who is a figurehead for this selfish movement possibly facing consequences for their actions and we were excited that society was possibly doing something right. And we were let down. So if we can't punish a celebrity for flagrantly breaking the law, what hope does an Iraqi child have for someone in our government bothering to take responsibility for their fate. Its a shallow analogy that we are making here, but its a shallow country we live in.