Monday, July 25, 2005

A Brand New attempt at being famous.

I just bought a computer and in anticipation of its arrival I have started a blog. This is the neccsary post where I come on and say... I dont' know what I'm doing yet, stick with me, blah blah blah. I promise I'll try and get some good stuff on here. I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm very opinionated. Everything a website should be.

My first bit of business is mainly for my brother. I was lucky enough to see the GO! Team on friday night at the Troubador in West Hollywood. (Hello!!!! Fabulous) They were very very good live. I recomend any and everyone seeing them if they can. If you have heard them before you'll be surprised at how much isn't sampled. The banjos, harmonica, and the like are all performed live. Very nice. The crowd wasn't nearly as hipster as I thought it would be. I would say give it another couple of months and it will be a true Polaroid Scene. These were people who were genuinely interested in music. I'll explain more later, but first, lets see if this fuckin works.