Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Well I got mine. The first run came back from the printer yesterday. By came back I mean I went and picked it up from them. I want to give a shout out to Ultimate Graphics located on the outskirts of tent city. Great work they do and they will definitley be getting the next stretch of my business. Now its up to me to get the word out. It's more than a little nerve racking.

More soon.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Now I get real

Alright. Its Friday, I'm getting nervous because the shirts are supposed to be done at the printer today. I hope they look good. This marks the point in this stupid blog where I may actually take it seriously and post semi regularly to keep things interesting and fresh on the odd chance that people might actually read this if the website sells well.
It has been a very very interesting process putting all of this together. Thank god I'm a quick learner and pretty intelligent. If I start selling things, I'll have a pretty low overhead since I'm doing everything. Cross your fingers and start buying.



I guess I should tell you what I'm listening to. Remember when Kanye West defended the gays? Well now we know why. He and Pharrell made sweet love one night after a ProTools seminar. The beauty of it was that they had a child, although we don't know who carried it. (My money is on Pharrell due to his Nelly Furtado like absence from his current album cover. To fat from pregnancy to take a photo? Toon instead?) But it's true, and the child's name is Lupe Fiasco. The album is pretty good, but it isn't exactly as groundbreaking as people I'm sure are going to try and get you to believe. Terrific cover though.
The other awesome news of the day (because if I get close to the current state of politics in this post I won't get anything done and you'll be reading an essay) is that Robert Downey Jr. will be playing Tony Stark. More brilliant casting I have never seen. I just bought Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. He's brilliant, this and the direction of the uber competent Jon Favreau gets me pretty jazzed about this.

I'll get more later. Oh yeah and watch the new Dr. Who tonight. It's a lot better than you'd think.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I have nothing to talk about...

I am posting this so that I know I am still creating a blog. There is much right now that I want to discuss as well as some music and movies to talk about, but I am not motivated right now. But perhaps next week I'll throw a little something together.