Sunday, June 08, 2008

Once more... With feeling. And make that feeling anger please

So last week on the sites that I frequent, the buzz was all about a new Hulk trailer. They called it the Hulk "Awaken" Trailer. Now, what it turned out to be was another lack luster blah, Hulk ad with Ed Norton looking anxious, and CG Green Ed Norton running around for a splash wreckin shit. Everyone was all atwitter because it referenced the old TV show. Whatever. Cool I guess. But for me, I saw the word "Awaken" with the Hulk and mistakenly got excited that it was going to be a trailer for the Hulk that used the most Brutal fictional cartoon band EVAR, Dethklok.

I was wrong.

So I said, fuck it and did it myself. How ya like them apples.. them, greeen apples. Basically I broke down the trailers I could get a hold of and built them back up to match Dethklok's Awaken. It took a little more editing than you would think. Then I needed to fill more time so I said oooh, I can use Into the Water, which is my favorite song. It worked quite nicely. Then I tossed in some graphics that I really should've spent more time on (I like my Man, Nature, Science bit, feel free to nik that Universal) and sent it out to hopefully get more people excited for this film. Ultimately its really a 1st or 2nd draft, but what the hell, its the internet who friggin cares.

Sabine, who I dont think had much interest in seeing it before, now wants to see it. So it's worked for one person. Thats a start. Please to enjoy...