Sunday, July 05, 2009

2012: IT'S A DISASTER!!!

Put this together for this week's Disaster. Don't normally cross post but what the hell, I really like this one.

2012: THIS IS A DISASTER from Garrison Dean on Vimeo.


DeepFriar said...

I have to have the soundtrack! My very being suffers without it!
Give me a name!!

Modlight said...

Songs are Okey Dokey and Bongolia by "The Incredible Bongo Band"

BenHansford said...

this is absolute genius, garrison. it's exactly the mood I'm gonna be in when I go see this big amazing disaster-porny no-plot goodness. sexy 70s action theme music 'n all. you betcha!

I only came to your site because you commented on our tron film that his disc should have de-res-ed a ring and sent him falling through the floor. that's the only comment I've ever read in my life where I thought, "that cat is a genius. and I gotta go tell him he was right."

but now finding this little gem?! my lucky day.

hugs said...

Could you post a "behind-the-scenes" update on what tools you used to create this? I'd like to punch up some screencasts I've got lying around with some of those nifty retro title effects.