Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I'll preface this by saying that when you are married to a European one of the biggest cultural differences is music. Every so often my special lady will bring up some song that was a signifigant moment in her upbringing, something that was a huge hit in her native Holland, something that I have never heard before. For me Alphaville was a distant memory that I guess gets played at weddings occasionally. For her they were a chart topping powerhouse. I will admittedly chalk some of my ignorance up to the fact that outside of really big pop artists I only listened to the oldies that my parents played, old soul, Beatles, Beach Boys etc... and then slammed head first into Heavy Metal with "Appetite" and a smattering of hip hop and rap with NWA and Black Sheep.

So last night as we were breezing through the MJ memorial and Jermaine Jackson got up to sing Sabine said
"Remember him and Pia Zadora?"
"I loved that song!!!"
"WHAT?! The girl from Naked Gun 3?"
"He and her did these songs together, one was huge!!!"

Apparently in Holland it was, here, notsomuch. In any case we looked it up online and I have to say I'm loving this song right now. With all the time I've spent being addicted to the synth revolution, primarily the Valerie (go grab it all) stuff this is right up my alley.
And the video is awesome. You know how the Italians ripped off and made their own shitty yet awesome versions of Escape from NY, The Warriors, and Star Wars? This is their rip off of Beat It, complete with white leather Mad Max warriors. Will this be to your liking? Probably not, I have weird taste, but whatever... Here it is.

Oh yeah and apparently it's from a film called "Voyage of the Rock Aliens". Which I have also sadly never heard of before today. That's why that poster is up there.

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