Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So over at Comic Book Resources via io9 someone posted the menu from one of my all time favorite restaurants MARVEL MANIA. It was like Planet Hollywood or The Hard Rock Cafe, except that all their memorabilia was fictional and had to be made by a prop house. "Oh, you have Keith Richard's guitar? That's cool. WE HAVE THE FUCKING INFINITY GAUNTLET!!!"

Since I recently just bought a new scanner and dug out an old photo box I figure I'd share the scant memories I have from my one visit to the restaurant. As you can see we geared our interests in a specific direction.

PLATE: What a great logo.

SHOT GLASS: Thank god Marvel's heroes are in the real world otherwise I'd have to start calling my Manhattans Metropolises.



Peter said...

this kind of mania is so good, I declared myself as a marvel maniac, my favorite character is wolverine, some characters use the technology of viagra online to get some upgrades for they weapon.

Unknown said...

I have the raw video of the Marvel Mania restaurant and its store in a rainning day. Check them out.



Honor Flow Productions said...

The woman you posing with that is Storm is my mother!!! I had been looking for photos from her time there and I'm glad to found some. Some of my friends never believe me when I told them about Marvel Mania, lol! Thank for posting this up!

- DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" of Honor Flow Productions