Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thanks to a new baby, and a grandma staying with us to help, I get to watch way more Today Show than I should. And when they turn their Halloween show into a giant Star Wars tribute I perk up. And oh man was it worth it to watch as much as I could.

From a youth to today, I've always stood by the Ewoks. Even when cynical film fans, series fans, and Gen Xers said they were lame, I said they were awesome... here is final proof. Watch this whole segment dissolve before this poor Martha Stewart wannabe's eyes as her furry mischievous friends drink, showboat, fight and moonwalk and ultimately steal the show... and your heart. awwweee.

The whole thing is great, but it really hits when drunk pissed off Wicket rolls in around the 2:00 min mark.

oh, and Natalie Morales is a piece as Padme. And I'm pretty sure she's a Star Wars fan as this is what she wore last year, while on Maternity Leave no less!


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jedik16 said...

so when the ewoks defeated the empire, they were drunk? i mean, i COULD believe the ewok's special jedi powers were woken by alcohol, or at least george lucas telling us that in episode VI. luke: "how could such small animals overthrow a powerful galaxy-wide army?" han solo: "jack daniel's. the force is strong with jack."