Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sketchbook Stuff

I really need to buy a new scanner and remember to return the one I have to my friend. In any case, while I have it I'll keep scanning in sketches and drawings.

This first one was a quickie sketch I did of a building on 15th across from the Helix bridge while waiting for the wife. It's the sketch and then a little color test with it.

The next one is "Intervention" sketches. The woman and I have gotten hooked on this show and have what we call "ding ding" monday when they show two in a row. We call it "Ding Ding" because whenever they go back and examine the person's life history they always hit the Ding Ding moment. "Everything was fine, he was a beautiful kid, and then..." Divorce, abuse, drug abuse on the parent's part, mom dies... there is always something and we always have to shout out DING DING! as the alarm reminding us that it is rarely a mystery how they got to this point.

But there is a ton of real drama in it which leads to people with a lot of character on their faces so I've begun sketching them while I watch.

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