Friday, April 20, 2007

This week Poet/Hip Hopper Saul Williams (who I thought was from DC, but apparently not) wrote an open letter to Oprah after her show on Hip Hop. I didn't see all of it, I don't know everything he's talking about other than it looks like its the same shit that all the other scared confused old people talk about whenever a youth culture movement becomes prevalent whether it is Hip Hop now, or Rock & Roll in the 50's or Jazz in the 30's. This ____ is dangerous to society. Whatever. Ask an Iraqi child walking down the street whether they care if Don Imus or Dr Dre says Ho, Bitch or Nigga(er), but ask them quick before they're kidnapped or killed.
My beef is with the main Black Crusader (Tracy Jordan I've got you) herself. I think she can do great work, I think she can inspire people. I also think she's a hippocrite. I say this not blindly, as working on a talk show for several years, every day at 3pm all tv's in the office turned to channel 7 to watch (and ultimately rip off) what she was doing. Sometimes I enjoyed it, but mainly it was so difficult to watch her smugly slither her way through topics, shunning any possible view but her own. At least on The View that nut ball Hassleback gets to speak a little. So here is my very short letter to Oprah

Dear Oprah,
How is a young man supposed to distingush between a woman in a video having cash thrown at her ass in a bathing suit, and with Kirstie Alley, a paid spokeswoman for Jenny Craig (are women supposed to lose weight, or be happy with who they are, thats another thing), coming on to your show and prancing around in a bikini? How do you reconcile your supposed charitable nature with the fact that you own 9 homes (At my last count) , one of which you paid 50 million dollars for, 30 million over the appraised price because it just wasn't for sale. How do you tell women and men (James Frey I'm looking at you) to be honest and open with themselves and others while seemingly living a closeted gay lifestyle. How can you say you opened a school in South Africa rather than America because you feel kids in America wouldn't say they wanted an education over an iPod or shoes, implying that American children are overly materialistic, and then do an hour long program devoted to how you couldn't buy several thousand dollar handbags at Hermes after they closed? Please understand that you put forth many confliciting images on your program, which some less kind people may use to call you a hipocrite. No me though. I understand that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and that you live in several houses made of diamonds so throw whatever the hell you want.
With loving kindess..... Paul Dean Garrison Hogan


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