Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That's a Hell of a Hat That Your Wearing

I have some fun movie reviews and all that shit coming later today or tomorrow, but I just want to take a second and toss in my two cents about this Virginia Tech thing.

When 9-11 happened, we stopped air travel for a while. When we thought that terrorists would bomb planes with bottles of water, lotions, perfume and the like... we banned them from planes. If a car or dog food is hazardous, they do a recall. So I can only assume that when a man goes in and kills 33 people with a couple of handguns that they'll probably ban that as well. In fact I will go so far as to say that they first presidential candidate that stands up in the next couple of days and doesn't spew forth the clich├ęd rhetoric of sorrow, God, and sadness but rather stands on the senate floor, or at a podium in Middletown, America and looks straight at the camera angry as hell and says that we have to get rid of guns... I'll vote for them. I keep seeing the news people try to draw comparisons between all the mass murders of the past 50 years. They are lonley, men, depressed, reclusive, lack empathy, blah blah blah... They also all carried guns. I doubt this Korean guy could've run into these rooms and stabbed 30 people to death. I don't think that you could throw baseball bats from a clock tower in Texas and take off someone's head. So unless you want to ban lonley people, putting the internet out of business, or ban men, which would do wonders for my social life, you're going to have to ban Guns.

And a letter to the media.
This is a tragedy, treat it appropriately, give it coverage, give it respect, and realize in the future that last week you gave the same amount of coverage for a crazy old man that insulted a basketball team that never would've heard his insults if you hadn't made a story out of it. I hope this give you some frame of reference. Cenile Racists and Baby Daddy's aren't worthy of 24 hour news coverage. And drawing blood from a stone doesn't count as coverage either. Thanks.

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