Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Slander Panda!!!!

Today we premier our first report from The Slander Panda. Born and raised in captivity in the West Hollywood Zoo, in a cage decorated by Bobby Trendy (it's horribly our of fashion and he hates it) he hears all and sees all from the celebrities and industry big shots that frequent the zoo with their families. Families of course are foreign born children and dogs under 10 pounds. Once a week he escapes and goes to Bear night at The Abbey. While out he gets us our weekly dish on all the sneaky hush hush off the record truths crawling under the gilded rug of Tinsel Town, before going back to his plush cage.

So Now I present.... The Slander Panda!!! It's all 100% true, and verified, so eat it lawers! Try and sue a marsupial.

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