Friday, April 06, 2007

New, In Stores...

Well one store anyway.
I am proud to say that after some searching and the beginning process of learning the fantastically irritating process of selling I have gotten some of Rushin Teen's gear into a store. If you are in the Seattle or PacNW area go to Fancy on 2nd ave in downtown to see (and buy) some shirts. I want to thank Sally there for taking me in. Its a cool big step for me and very exciting. Also check out their sister store Schmancy a couple doors down for some really sweet Vinyl Toys. They're helping us continue our strange addiction...

I also have to say that we love our new apartment. The place is huge, almost too big, but we're not complaining. We find ourselves hanging out in the 2nd Bedroom/Office just because its a smaller room and we're more used to it. I have a feeling we'll get the hang of the space. We'll have to have a party soon. Like we know anyone.

Here's some pics of the place. The one up top is our view.. No big deal.

check it.

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