Saturday, June 26, 2010


So, I have a pretty steadfast rule when visiting record stores.  Depending on the time allowed to me I can meander through the aisles endlessly. But, to avoid frantic grabbing of anything if I'm in a buying mood, or just to know I don't have to search through all the stacks, I have developed what I call... The Walk Away Record.

Occasionally as I am flipping through the albums I'll come across something I've been looking for for a while and usually do a double take as I brush past it then have to go back with a "Oh shit! Was that...".  Much like knowing when to step away from the table when Gambling, this is the record that I use to force myself to say "That's it pal, it ain't getting any better than that.  After this record you're just blowing money."  It's actually a very helpful guide as often you find yourself justifying purchases because the album is "kind of cool".  If you find a Walk Away Record you can go back and probably ax that recent Ted Leo record (it's alright, but you can find it for cheaper and you can wait for that day), or that Glass Candy single (it will bore you eventually).

So yesterday, because the missus is in LA and I am having some quality Daddy/Daughter time, I decided to visit the new Elliot Bay Books in Capitol Hill.  Lo and behold, Everyday Music also moved in right next door.  This has now given Seattle a place to rival LA's Sunset and Cahuenga powerhouse of Amoeba and Arclight as "Place Garrison can kill lots of time and money".  The new Elliot Bay books is nice.  Obviously it lacks the history and punch of the original location, but it's still a classy, inviting place.  I grabbed a few Sci-Fi Paperbacks that I should've read a while ago, Little Brother, Ringworld, and Old Man's War, then popped over to EDM next door.  It's really fun record shopping with your 8 month old daughter because it gives you someone to talk over your purchases with without sounding like a nut, and, they can't say no!  So I rolled over to the Soundtracks in my eternal search to find The Long Good Friday soundtrack on vinyl (I know, I should just get it from there, but it's less fun) and I popped right to Shades of Joy: Music of El Topo.  No fuckin way.  It's a re-release (I never care about that) but even the re-release has been elusive.  Dusty Groove had it for a split second and I missed it, after that nothing.

If you've never seen El Topo, you should.  It's an insane gunslinger film from an insane director Alejandro Jodorowski with mutants, shaman, pseudo deities, banditos, naked boys, well... just Netflix it.  You may not like it, but you'll be glad you watched it.  You may also really like it.   Back to the topic at hand...  There is an actual score to the film, but this is a weird, essentially, cover album for the film.  It takes the more traditional classical score and turns it into a a psyche/prog/jazz/funk fusion record.  Overall it's a terrific album, but even the couple of moments where it goes haywire are still made up for by the sheer fact that the album exists at all.  Here is a track for your enjoyment.


Obviously, anytime you find a rather rare, special album you've been hunting for for a couple years is a Walk Away Record, and one you MUST buy, regardless of budget.  You will kick yourself later. And if you're curious if it's a Walk Away Record... it's not.

Anyways, damn glad to have found the album and had to share.  And when record shopping... remember the Walk Away Record

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