Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Drawn Butter Jesus or... Terminator Jesus.

I'll thank my brother for this one.  He lives in Cincinnati and long ago pointed out to me as we drove past (probably to Jungle Jim's an AWESOME grocery store) the Big Butter Jesus.  An enormous sculpture of a touchdown Jesus built by some dude and apparently funded by mob money (or some crazy story like that).  BUT, last night they had some wicked storms blow through and lightning struck the, what I've been told was, fiberglass and styrofoam statue and now all that's left is the skeleton.  They are now referring to it as Terminator Jesus, which really is like way better.  (click through for the current insane version)

I'm praying someone puts little glowing red eyes where the head was.
Video my brother found as well...


thx John.


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