Sunday, June 13, 2010

House Hunting

Hey.  So, me and the missus have been looking for houses for a while now and occasionally we come across some that are just too damned awesome.  We've been in Seattle for a couple years now coming up from LA and originally we only saw the small little Crafstman houses that populate the landscape but now that we're deep in the house hunt we have come across some magnificent gems of modern and midcentury modern architecture.

This is a big interest of mine, and I hope you'll dig them too.  I'll post them when I see them, but some of them are just so beautiful that I can't not share.  And lest you guys think that I'm seriously thinking about buying an 800k house let me tell you that it's out of my price range, but doesn't hurt to look.  Sigh... one day.

The above photos are from this house which is under contract, but god damn it, it is amazing.  ( a couple of unfortunate light fixtures though)

We almost bid on this one, but it was just too big and needed too much work.  The pictures online don't really do it justice as it really felt like at any moment Dean Martin was going to pop out and mix you a drink. (that's a good thing btw)

This one is still on the market and we just saw it today but it's too much for us, and honestly priced a bit too high.  Still, they did a good job with it, so if you have 650k laying around... go get it and please invite me over for dinner.
Great basement office, very inspiring for wherever I end up.
There are some others I'll post along the way, I'll also post some of the horror shows we've come across (mainly the weird pictures people take to "sell" their place), but I'll end with this which is a "How on earth did we miss this one it's perfect and so cheap!!!!" but still it's a beaut.


Maybe next time I'll post things that I like to see what you all say.

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Eastside said...

Check out this modern in Kirkland.
It's not Seattle but it's still cool.