Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a Disaster Poster (with Key!!!)

Hey, I put together this poster for  Check it out at the link here.
You can purchase a print here...

Hope you like it! And of course you are entitled to your opinions.  Some of these films I love, but they're still total shit.  ;)

and yes, I know the work of Tyler Stout.  He's very talented, and he and Martin Ansin were both inspirations for this.  My first email to Annalee said something along the lines of "a Tyler Stoutish Poster" But I've also been doing things like this for quite a while, lest you think I'm flat out nicking their shit.

-Garrison Dean

p.s. Yes. It's hyperbole in it's highest form.  Sure some of these are worse than others but I've heard people cry about all of them at some point.. hence.  "It's a Disaster"

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