Friday, January 08, 2010

Hi, I'm Teri. I may look like a member of the Runaways, but I can recite Starfleet Regulations while we do it.


JJ Abrams made Star Trek as cool as it will probably get, but that's not like it hasn't been tried before.  Please, someone mail that to that address and let me know if they send you one of these jackets because they are amazing.  Plus it is PERFECT for me because when I do leave the house it's only to go to the Disco, Comic-Con, SyFy Parties or School Activities.

In case you're wondering... for Christmas my brother got me some old issues of "Future" magazine which is pretty much the print form of io9, only from 30 years ago.  He finds these things because he lives in Cincinnati where no one buys anything that I like.  Want to find that rare vinyl you've been looking? Cinci has it and they have it for cheap.  Looking for that Labbit that you thought could only be found on ebay?  They have two and no one is buying.  I think their entire economy revolves around bourbon, cigarettes, and Reds gear.  Oh and anything Ocho Cinco. (best book cover ever)  Anyways...  The magazines are fucking amazing.  I'll try to put a couple things up when I find something interesting.  There is another item of clothing I'll put up tomorrow. The picture isn't as awesome but if you can believe it it blows these jackets out of the sky.


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